• Offline SMS

    Sending SMS through SIM cards..

  • Offline SMS Software

    Software which helps to send bulk sms through SIM cards...

  • Online SMS

    Sending SMS through Website (Online Gateway)..

  • Marketing Mails Camping

    Sending promotional information through Images,online display ads,etc to bulk mails...

  • Transactional SMS

    Sending useful information and should not contain any promotional activities, can send to DND(Do Not Disturb) Numbers also.,..

  • Template Based SMS

    Only Approved template can be sent to DND Numbers...

  • Non-Template SMS

    No restrictions on text. It can be sent to DND numbers also When SMS Content includes mobile numbers, website address & email address then we have to get template approval...

  • Short Code

    It is a 5 digits number used for send/receive value added services and various mobile services...

  • Long Code

    It is a 10 digits Mobile number to send/receive SMS and Cost effective...

  • 2 Way SMS

    Automatic Replying Messaging Service...

  • Toll Free SMS

    It Helps to track the Visitors who is seeing our website currently at free of cost...

  • Branding SMS

    Sending SMS with Sender-id.(LM-TSFDAY)..

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