In this information age on the information super way the SMS is the ultimate information dissemination tool in the arsenal of a marketer /seller/buyer/consumer of any sort. It simply puts the message (information) right inside your pocket without physical contact. Without infringing on ones physical space and not intruding on privacy either, it communicates (without active disturbance) what is to be communicated, softly and succinctly, at a cost that is truly abysmal. Can there be a better way to pass information? Obviously no. That is why it has become the indispensable and ubiquitous medium of messaging today and it is to stay for all times to come

We at 365 days SMS understand this power of SMS and have therefore jumped on to the bandwagon of SMS service providers. To stand out from the crowd we have to carve a niche for ourselves and pack more punch into the already powerful SMS. How can we do it? After all its the technology that makes it possible and the technology is available to all service providers. We intend to do it by giving maximum mileage by packing more value into the money the client/customer spends. For that we have well thought out plans, which we are sure will give the customer maximum satisfaction and to us a cutting edge to elbow out the competition. Call us, for us to call on you and explain to you what our cutting edge is and what that means for every rupee of yours. Be assured we make your message shine, not just by technology alone but also by the polish of our package and the elbow grease of our service.

We offer our industry and innovation at a price that is truly amazing.

Now, a little information on the technical aspects which is for both the technical savvy and the lay person. Not complex but simple enough to understand. Here it goes.

3 Types of service categories available

UHP Route: This is the Ultra High Priority route. It means instant delivery of all your messages. It is used in applications where the message has to be delivered immediately without loss of any time. It is used in financial transactions with banks and financial institutions, trading of shares, commodities etc., in web-sites for on-line registrations, transactions etc. Here the messages are guaranteed for immediate delivery.

HP Route: This is the High Priority route. Herein the messages are guaranteed to be delivered not immediately but on the same day.

The BPR (Bulk Pack Route) or Promo Pack: Herein the messages will be delivered the same day but on low priority. Some of the applications here include for schools and colleges for various information dissemination, hospitals for various patient follow-up procedures, financiers/financial institutions for payment reminders etc.

Obviously the charges will vary with the type of package. But nevertheless we give the most attractive deals. It is to be noted that we are the only company in Chennai to have 2 service providers. To the client it means zero down time.

pricing table


Promotional sms10,000/yr
  • 2,300UHP
  • 1,725 HP
  • 1,725 Normal
  • Customized Recharge
Promotional sms50,000/yr
  • 8,625UHP
  • 6,900HP
  • 5,750Normal
  • Customized Recharge
Promotional sms1,00,000/yr
  • 13,800 UHP
  • 11,500 HP
  • 9,775Normal
  • Customized Recharge

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS sms10,000/yr
  • 2,300 UHP
  • 2,070 HP
  • 1,725 Normal
  • Customized Recharge
Transactional SMS sms50,000/yr
  • 10,350 UHP
  • 8,625 HP
  • 6,900 Normal
  • Customized Recharge
Transactional SMS sms1,00,000/yr
  • 17,250 UHP
  • 13,800 HP
  • 11,500Normal
  • Customized Recharge


Note : *Service tax @ 15 % (from 01/06/2016) is applicable.

Note: *Once the payment deposited/transferred kindly send the receipt of the transaction to to [email protected] for quicker activation/recharge.

    State Bank of India (SBI)

    Account Name: 365 Days,
    Account No: 33365967842,
    Bank Name: SBI ,
    Branch: Egmore,
    IFSC Code: SBIN0011737,
    Rs. 50/- for each deposit.;

    HDFC Bank

    Account Name: 365 Days,
    Account No: 12842000001518,
    Bank Name: HDFC Bank,
    Branch: Egmore,
    IFSC Code: HDFC0001284,
    Rs. 150/- for each deposit.

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